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He he. He he he he. Cole was a gifted writer who managed to turn out a new and grisly tale each week.

I'm Casting a Spell!

Many of his tales were original, while others borrowed from classical legends and authors. Cole added his own unique twist to each of them.

In later years, he became the sole writer for the radio series Casey, Crime Photographer, turning out scripts. Two other actors, Mark Smith and Alan Devitt provided the other voices on the series. Music and sound effects combined with the artful scripts and skillful acting produced a program that was consistently popular during its seven year run.

After the series ended its run on the Mutual network in , Cole sold a syndicated version to regional radio stations using recordings of the original broadcasts. Sandy's baby sister Lisa likes Betsy as a button, but Betsy wants to be changed back, so Sandy and Janet use some extra potion on her, and Betsy makes a replacement button for Lisa.

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The next day, Sandy and Lisa discover that the witch's house has burned down, but in the chimney they find a brass box covered in a leafy feathery pattern, containing the best buttons from Betsy's collection: a faceted black button, a shiny red button, and a pearly white button. They find that the black one grants wishes, the white one is a tiny flying ship, and the red one answers questions.

Witch Betsy shows up and takes the buttons away again, letting them keep the chest and presenting them with a mysterious button of their own. Ruth Chew.

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Skip to content. Search for:. Website by Lucy Day Hobor — It ran for only two issues. An effort was made to bring the series to television.


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In , Television Programs of America made plans to film a pilot with Cole as consultant and story supervisor. The associate story editor was Raymond Levy. However, the show never made it to TV. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the radio series. For the magazine, see The Witch's Tales.

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