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Mademoiselle Keilholz sometimes fell short of the character,. Otherwise, Mademoiselle Keilholz is of handsome and. The younger Mademoiselle Keilholz , who is several. She is like a wild plant that must be trimmed,. Keilholz has fire—but what kind of fire? She must mistake. The best proof. As a singer she is currently unimportant,.

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My judgment of these two actresses does indeed. Keilholz as Ariadne what he would have liked to have. Keilholz by the public not held him back from doing so. The Nationaltheater in Mannheim was an excellent gig by eighteenth-century standards. Christiane also continued to appear in leading roles in spoken theater.

Her portrayal in the latter made a profound impression, as reported by an anonymous correspondent to Annalen des Theaters :. The passages in blue above translate roughly as:. My heart is torn and dissolves in sweet tears [ The rest of the translation is left as an exercise for the reader. The first rather orgasmic extract suggests that she may have been able to cry on command still a useful skill for an actor today , and the second suggests that she allowed her long black hair to fall naturally, without elaborate hairdos or wigs this style is also suggested in the engraving above , perhaps still a relatively novelty for the Mannheim audience at that time.

That the poem is overwritten does not necessarily imply that she overacted she is not responsible for the excesses of her fans , but it is clear that her audience found her acting viscerally and realistically communicative in roles featuring intense female emotion, such as Nina, Julie, Iphigenia—and probably also Konstanze and Donna Anna. The sisters seem to have petitioned for a new contract as early as Jan , just half a year after their first one. Walter quotes from one of the assessments of that petition:. Given their popularity, the sisters may have assumed that they already had a strong negotiating position.

Perhaps one or both sisters had not been given a desired role in that work. In any case, whatever their complaint may have been, they were eventually given a new contract unfortunately also lost dated 1 Oct , and that same day Christiane received a bonus of fl. Little is known at present about the roles taken by the Keilholz siblings in Amsterdam, but we find hints in reviews in Die Deutsche Thalia in Amsterdam of performances in the German theater at the end of , after they had left the company but were still fresh in memory.

Because the personnel of the German company in Amsterdam had recently changed substantially, the reviewer occasionally makes comparisons between new cast members and those who had previously appeared in the same roles.

In spite of their success in Amsterdam, however, the Keilholz family had already moved on. Once again their tenure had been quite short, in this case no more than a year and a half. The review is also unusually detailed, commenting not only on the quality of the singing and acting, but also on the costumes and the chorus.

The idiosyncratic spellings in the review are given exactly as they appear in the original. Jeder war begierig, diese Oper von der neuen Gesell-. Jeder wird wissen, und bekennen, dass diese beliebte. Ziel, wo nicht ganz erreicht, doch nicht weit verfehlt wur-.

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Chor: Singt dem grossen Bassa Lieder , nicht ganz gefiel,. Kunst verrieth. Der Putz der Dem. Eunike hat die Rolle des Blondchen mit. Soviel muss.

Keilholz wuste diesem Fehler in dieser Rolle auszu-. Osmin wurde vom Herrn Hunnius d. Herr Hunnius d. Er wurde von diesem viel zu rasch, und. Die Rolle des Bassa!

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Das Statisten Chor war beim beiderseitigen Ge-. The previous cast in Amsterdam—probably Christiane Keilholz as Konstanze and Adolf as Belmonte, and certainly Dorothea as Blonde—are being favorably compared here to the married couple Friedrich and Henriette Eunike, and to Therese Schwachhofer, all of whom went on to have long and distinguished careers on the operatic stage. Before coming to Amsterdam, the Eunikes had been in the company of the Nationaltheater in Mainz, which had disbanded not long after the city was occupied by the French in on the Mainz company, the Eunikes, and Schwachhofer, see our entry for 1 May It performed the first three of these in Frankfurt in the weeks leading up to and during the coronation festivities for Leopold II as Holy Roman Emperor.

The casting in the Mozart performances by the Mainz company remains to be investigated, but it may be that Eunike had already sung the role of Belmonte and perhaps other Mozart roles with that company. She and the Eunikes all later became members of the Nationaltheater in Berlin in , and had long and successful careers on the operatic stage. Eunike made his debut in Berlin in the role of Belmonte on 14 Jun ; he remained in Berlin for the rest of his career, retiring in After separating from Henriette in , Eunike married Schwachhofer, whose own career in Berlin lasted until her retirement in Both became renowned there for their many Mozart roles.

Thus the review gives insight into the relative capabilities and reception of the Keilholz siblings, whom the reviewer of the Amsterdam production seems generally to have preferred on all counts. The elder was Friedrich Johann Wilhelm Hunnius — , who likewise had a long career in the theater; his younger brother Anton Christian b. See the facsimile of the cast list from the libretto for the Amsterdam production in our entry for 1 May For the complete review, see our entry for 24 Oct ; we suggest there that the review may have been written by Heinrich Gottlieb Schmieder , the editor of the Rheinische Musen.

The association of the Keilholz siblings with the theater in Kassel was a relatively long, if intermittent and rather bumpy one; this portion of their careers has not been adequately researched, and we will not attempt to fill that gap here. A report published in the May issue of Journal des Luxus und der Moden shows that all three were in Kassel at that point. The correspondent praises the sisters highly, but criticizes Christiane for betraying her personal moods onstage:.

Their series of guest appearances in Berlin was more extensive, with Christiane performing eleven different roles, and Carl seven, all within the space of a month. As earlier in her career, Christiane continued to take leading roles in both operas and plays.

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Many but not all of the roles the couple performed in Berlin were ones they repeated in Hamburg. Zum neuen Jahrhundert Hamburg, , —66 their guest roles in Berlin are listed in chronological order, but without dates; later in the same article —84 there is a calendar of performances in Berlin for June , but not July. Christiane appeared as Queen of the Night in all of these, but Carl sang Tamino only in the first. We do not know exactly when Christiane added this role to her repertoire, but it was likely before this time.

Das Donauweibchen is the Viennese singspiel by Hensler and Kauer; it was first performed in Hamburg on 27 Jan , and had been given thirteen times by the date of the report. The first of their benefits took place on Sat, 22 Nov The directorate of the Hamburg theater gave the oratorio again on 6 Mar, but without the supplementary musicians, and hence with less success.

Local amateurs mounted a third performance in the Hamburg Ratskeller shortly afterwards. On 13 Dec , they performed at a concert given by tenor Friedrich Karl Gollmick — The first act of La clemenza di Tito in Hamburg.

Theory, theorists.

Posters from the concerts on 7 Feb and 21 Mar According to Loewenberg , col. Loewenberg gives no source for the date of the performance of Idomeneo in Kassel, but his date has been generally adopted in the literature. But her acting, her theatrical bearing, elevated by. The reviewer felt that Christiane sometimes pushed her voice beyond the bounds of beauty in the representation of high emotion; but modern listeners will know from such great singing actresses as Maria Callas and Teresa Stratas that characters in the throes of extreme emotion which Elettra certainly sometimes is do not always make beautiful sounds.

Victoria and Albert Museum. Their tour brought Christiane back to the Mannheim stage for the first time since leaving it in Erinnerst du dich keines Knaben Mit blauem Auge, blondem Haar? Remembrance of an actress who perished too soon,. Dedicated to her by one of her audience.

One who has given joy to the public also deserves, at. Because, however, the writer of these lines is acquainted. Wachsmuth was in many respects a rare figure for a German. In operas as well as plays. Madame Wachsmuth seemed made for such roles, not only.

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Italian method — although her weak voice often became somewhat. The versatility of this talented woman was surprising. Her natural. Kind der Natur , as it was moving in tender ones.