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The events involving Mr Gradi are central to the purpose of this review. There is, I consider, a significant public interest in matters such as this being brought fully and openly into view.

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I consider it absolutely necessary … to name Mr Gradi. In his evidence, Gradi was asked to clarify what the complaint was. To be quite honest, I think I would have tried to stand up for Eddie Heath a bit.

Gradi, who went on to manage Crewe in more than 1, games, also stated in his evidence that, having left the family home, he did decide the complaint was serious enough to mention it to Ron Suart, who had taken over as manager. However, that could not be corroborated because Suart died in and Geekie makes it clear in his report he does not accept that version of events.

Chelsea's boy from Brazil – How Willian went from the streets of Sao Paulo to Stamford Bridge

However, he was also using his position to prey on young boys and was never prosecuted or investigated before dying in , at the age of In his findings, Geekie says there were no safeguarding arrangements in place at Chelsea at the time. Womens Training Training Jacket Hoodie.

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Revealed: Dario Gradi could have stopped serial sex abuser at Chelsea

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