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You face off against no more than three enemies in any given fight. The enemies take one of three races Grubbins, the goblin like basic grunt; Trowbog, the much larger monster; and Crestwailer, anthropomorphic crows , and one of three types the basic fighter, the high damage low defense magic user, or the healer. All fighting is turn based. You select an action usually attack or special move , select an opponent, and then perform some menial quicktime event to see if you hit for more or less damage.

Then the enemy attacks, and you press a random button in another quicktime event to block. Couple this with the fact that the game can suffer from random frame rate issues at any given time, and you can have a very bad experience. After combat is concluded assuming you won, which is a safe bet , you are awarded candy, random trading cards, and XP which is displayed by what looks to me like constantly refilling roll of Necco wafers.

Seeing as almost all combat is forced upon the player by way of door knocking, XP almost seemed like a pointless addition. Yes, you get more powerful and get more health with each level, but so do the monsters. Leveling up also unlocks more battle stamps, which is the one thing that can make combat slightly more interesting.

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Throughout the game, you collect candy. Lots and lots of candy. The only use for that candy is to buy battle stamps from an entrepreneurial kid in a chicken costume named Sadie. Battle stamps apply one special bonus to a character of your choice each character can only have one stamp at any time. These bonuses come in a wide variety.

Some will increase attack power, some will give health each turn, some will give the character a second special attack, etc. These battle stamps gave the dull combat a smidgen of strategy and fun.

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The game is far from perfect. You'll notice the tree has grown a bit. Go up the ladder the French Quarter is now the Research Lab area - final area 5. Go to the upper right portion of the map and there's some green goblin guy with a red watering can, talk to him. He wants your entire team dressed up as the Superhero, Wolfman and a Hotdog.

Costume Quest 2 PC Review: The Halloween Time Machine | USgamer

He gives you fertalizer. Go back to the sewer, jump in the time portal and fertalize the small sprout. Go to the upper right corner of the map just above where the goblin with the watering can is and enter the bay door at the back of the Research Lab. Go up the stairs, this leads you to the roof.

Head south once you zone on to the roof and you'll see the tree has grown. Smash the door shape on the tree and ascend the ridiculously long spiral. At the top is the Black Hole costume. Visit Shady shop guy and buy the Black Marker to upgrade the costume. Toffee View Profile View Posts. How do you get the wolfman costume, I must have missed it somewhere.

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Ausmerica View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Toffee :. Thx, I just found the guy and remembered that I ment to talk to him way back but forgot, :p. Lure people away with the delicious smell of salty, deep-fried junk food. The battles are fast-paced and quite fun. Bobbing for apples is an easy way to acquire candy.

follow link The quality of some of those apples are rather dubious though Categories : Videogame Reviews. Tags : Costume Quest , Double Fine , reviews , video games. Leave a comment.

Costume Quest Grubbins On Ice Let's Play Walkthrough Part 18 END - Big Bones And Araxia Boss!

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