Guide How To Make Moroccan Food: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Cooking Moroccan Food

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Vegan & Vegetarian Foods in Morocco (Where to Eat + Recipes)

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However, baked sweets are usually reserved for special occasions, and fresh or dried fruit is the everyday dessert. Local fruits and vegetables include: oranges, lemons, dates, figs, melons, olives, apricots, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, almonds, cashews and walnuts, and various cereals and grains. With a large coastline that runs along the Mediterranean and North Atlantic, fish and seafood is abundant. Beef is rarely grown or consumed, with lamb and poultry being the most often consumed sources of meat. This rich stew with its unexpected flavor combinations is rich and tasty, and will have everyone coming back for seconds.

It goes well with a cool tabbouleh salad and flatbread, and the meal can be finished off with mint tea and date bars for dessert. This tangy salad is cool and refreshing, the perfect complement to shish kabobs, meat grilled on the BBQ , or tagine. For best results, ensure that the mint and parsley are chopped well and the cucumbers , tomatoes and onions are cut into small bite-sized bits.

Yeast: Everything You Need to Know. How to Deglaze a Pan in 7 Simple Steps. Recently retired as a costume specialist in the TV and film industry, Lorna now enjoys blogging on contemporary lifestyle themes. Looking at this article, now, I was so wrong.

My favorite is kebabs. Now I can open up my kitchen to new possibilities! This needs to be remedied. Both the chicken tagine and the tabbouleh sound absolutely delectable. I really love learning the history and cultural influences of the cuisine. Morroco really has many influences. I wondered about the origin of the kebab, and this gives me some insight.

There are several different religious influences and I find it interesting that the bread is so sacred. Another thing that intriques me is the combinations of the spices in their dishes.

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Thanks for sharing. Thanks aphil, so glad you enjoyed the post.

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The Moroccan tagine is next on my list to make a staple. With turmeric being called the next super food, I have been doing a lot of research into Moroccan foods, and may I tell you that you have not disappointed with this article! I actually attempted to make homemade Tabbouleh Salad from memory and I must say that it came no where close to the recipe you included in your post. I will let everyone know how it turns out. Glad you enjoyed the article IrishHeather!

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Oooh Moroccan food! The taboule looks pretty nice and refreshing!

It was the surprising taste of Sultanas with the spices and savories that first got me hooked on tagines, they add such a wonderful little flavor bomb. Even now, it remains the only dish where I will eat such a combination of foods. It is an interesting combo, and it seems like the Morrocans have figured out how to pull it off with the spices they use — and the cooking method too, I think.

couscous recipe/Moroccan couscous recipe step by step in English كسكس مغربي خطوة بخطوة

The places to visit in the future are….. Until now I had no idea that I had actually had Moroccan food! I already cook with turmeric as well.


Some of the fruit and meat combinations seem odd until you try them. The Chicken Tagine looks delicious. I absolutely love the couscous I typically have it with lebaneh and chicken and tabouleh. My dad typically makes tabouleh without cucumber and feta, so I may have to try this new recipe. Oh, yes, kibbah… the football shaped ground savories on a skewer — they are wonderful, will have to dig deep to find my recipe for that. Thanks for commenting Liv6, glad you enjoyed the post! Thank you for this thorough article. I actually had no idea about the culture and food before I clicked this article, and now I feel like I know a little bit.

We also have a lot of Moroccan spices around here. Glad you found the post interesting fuzyon. I imagine Bucharest would have been influenced by many trade route travelers bringing lovely spices and others goods to your part of the world.

A Myriad of Influences

Thanks for this article. The spices and herbs used in the dishes sound amazing! I would love to try the Morrocan Chicken Tagine. It sounds relatively easy to make. Sweet dishes are not my favorite. Do you think if I left out the sweeter elements like raisins, brown sugar, and cinnamon that it would still be delicious and keep its Morrocan character, or am I missing the point? Also, the Tabbouleh Salad sounds good as well. Glad you enjoyed the post. I have not tried every recipe yet and usually it is very hard to find the exact spices over here.

However, I am definitely intrigued to try these two recipes with the tangine and the salad. Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy the recipes sahara! The tagine has become my go-to stew in the winter months…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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  • Learn how your comment data is processed. Foodal recommends this 2-Quart Terra Cotta Tagine available on Amazon When the Arabs invaded this land in the 7th century, they introduced new breads, cereals, grains and spices, as well as the sweet and sour flavor pairings favored by the Persians like raisins with lentils or apricots in couscous dishes.

    Moroccan Lamb and Veggie Stew.