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Marketing Branding Marketing. Entrepreneurs in Kashmir battle similar odds daily. Zee Ent. Precious Metal.

Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Aritra Sarkhel. In spite of these difficulties, valley-based entrepreneurs say that they will still try and conduct business. That morning, Imtiyaz walked from Baramulla to Srinagar — a distance of 52 kms in ten hours. Comtech was bidding for a contract for smart cards worth about Rs 1.

Overcoming obstacles like these is nothing new to Imtiyaz, who started the company in along with his wife Rukhsana Imtiyaz to cater to digitisation projects for the state election department. But there is nothing like business as usual in the state. Across the Valley, tech entrepreneurs share stories of battling extraordinary odds, apathy and adversity every day. The Kashmir valley has been on the boil since Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter with security forces on July 8.

What a bubbly treat it was to talk to Dasha - an immigrat entrepreneur from Russia. Marinated in the business world thanks to her entreprneur father, she has taken the Canadian kombucha industry by storm.

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Learn about why she thinks opening an artisan buisness in a smaller community can be more advantageous; she is no shy to recommend to start small and is a firm believer that farmer's markets have a lot to offer to hone your business skills and improve your products. In this episode we have chocolatier, Tareq Hadhad, who is the owner of Peace by Chocolate - a sweet factory in Antigonish, Nova Scotia that opened just under two years ago shortly after he and his family lost everything in the Syrian war and arrived to Canada as refugees.

His chocolate factory has big expansion plans for - can't wait to see what the future holds for this corageous and inspirational family of new Canadians. She immigrated to Canada as a 16 year-old escaping a culture of young brides and looking for more opportunities. She became an entrepreneur at 19 and ever since, has owned a restaurant, a mobile supplements shop and now a brick-and-mortar natural marketplace as well as an online holistic consulting practice.

She has endured business failures, business catastrophe - the burning of her marketplace - and business success. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Eric Schurenberg!

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From those meager beginnings, Coury quickly realized that he enjoyed making money and doing it through hard work. This book is surprisingly aspirational and almost functioned like a self-help book for me in some ways.

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I also learned quite a bit about the world of casino-ownership which is something that I never had any reason to think about before but I ended up finding very interesting. I loved this style of writing that is based on recollection and has a dash of humor and embarrassment. Coury owned something like 35 business in the Las Vegas area at one point and reading about a man who starts out with nothing building an empire is like reading about the American dream.

I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars. However, the road to his success was difficult, fraught with tension, struggles and coping with the onslaught of cancer. He endured much adversity in his life on his way to the top.

When Accidental Inspiration Sparks Entrepreneurial Ideas

But, through his strength, determination, strong will and know-how, he was able to overcome it all and become the success he is today. Now, through his stunning, and rather shocking, memoir, he brings readers an inside look at how he achieved his dreams, while chronicling the corruption, double-dealing, mob thugs, crime and underhandedness that made up the history of Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a brilliant man of principle, strength of mind and spirit, taking on the corrupt influencers that forcibly tried to maintain control of the systems behind the gambling, and various industries of Las Vegas.

It is an amazing story, and very well written with a nice steady pace, keeping the reader fully engaged throughout the entire book. It is filled with gripping and thrilling anecdotes that will excite and conjure up feelings of anger and apprehension, but will ultimately inspire, encourage and motivate others to work hard to achieve their dreams. The history and explanations of the Las Vegas Empire are engrossing, shocking and very entertaining. As much as I enjoyed the read I also enjoyed trying to figure out the disguised names, places and businesses used.

The book is so appropriately titled and an inspiring blueprint for young entrepreneurs to emulate. Fittingly titled, his life story is remarkable in that he is constantly moving up the entrepreneurial ladder. However, where most lose good friends and quality relationships along the way, Coury is building upon them. For longtime Las Vegas residents, and even those recently settled, the story will reference the rise of individuals like Steve Wynn and provide a snapshot of the evolution of the strip hotels. Adversity forges character and resilience. Not once does the author back down at the odds. On the contrary, Coury delivers a clinic in leveraging relationships that are generally beneficial to both sides.

The allure of this book is its basis in fact. When he finds himself in the midst of political power plays, particularly with the case against him and the Winners bar, he risks losing everything he worked to build, and more importantly, the respect he had earned throughout Southern Nevada. In typical Coury fashion, he does the only thing that he knows: fight.

His unyielding fire and passion are class personified.

The entire foundation of the text rests on this premise and never disappoints. This book is part memoir and part primer for entrepreneurs who wish to start a business in Southern Nevada, one of the most corrupt regions of the country. Enduring the challenging, early times of his life gave him the toughness to become a business owner. His toughest battle would be the battle with cancer and not just cancer but a type of cancer that has a low survival rate.

Business school will not teach you all of the life lessons you will need to succeed in opening your own business. The journey the reader will encounter is at times shocking because of what author Ron Coury experienced during his early years in business; however, his story is also an uplifting one in which you will be motivated and inspired by his winning attitude. We are talking here about good and bad at work in old Las Vegas, the one emerging from the decadence of its rather depraved history, where political corruption and cronyism still lingered and survived, deeply threatening the conscientious efforts of those inclined to honesty and ethics, and where one character trait alone served best to deal effectively with all such potentially lethal aggravations.

Tenacity is the trait, and Ron Coury possesses it in spades. That is what makes his retelling of the Vegas story — rich in its long and infamous tradition of greedy bad guys doing wrong — worthy of a Jimmy Stewart movie where the bad guys pick precisely the wrong man and his friends to threaten and harass. Coury tells his real-life tale with intensely credible authority, leaving no doubt about his own immersion in a time and place where Opportunity ruled literally , and where some good guys, needing only big white hats to make the picture perfect, ultimately prevailed.

A western story for a western town. Tenacity may be categorized as a memoir, but it reads like bad-guy fiction, or like the antidote to Down and Out in Las Vegas. But Tenacity says it so much better. Coury was raised in New York and became a business man at a very young age when he started shining shoes at the train station. From then on, Coury realized that he enjoyed making money and enjoyed coming up with new and innovative ideas for businesses. He went on to become a very successful business man, owning over eight businesses by the time he turned