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But it is easy to show that if intuition is necessary in every act of knowledge , it remains essentially insufficient in our present life, for scientific and philosophical reflection. In our knowledge of nature we start from observation; but observation remains fruitless if it is not verified by a series of inductions and deductions. In our knowledge of God , we may indeed start from our nature and from our insufficiency and aspirations, but if we want to know Him we have to demonstrate, by discursive reasoning, His existence as an external and transcendent Cause and Supreme End.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

We may indeed, in Ethics have an intuition of the notion of duty , of the need of a sanction; but these intuitive notions have no moral value if they are not connected with the existence of a Supreme Ruler and Judge, and this connection can be known only through reasoning. The true nature, place, and value of intuition in human knowledge are admirably put forth in the Scholastic theory of knowledge.

For the Schoolmen the intuitive act of intellectual knowledge is, by its nature, the most perfect act of knowledge , since it is an immediate apprehension of and contact with reality in its concrete existence, and our supreme reward in the supernatural order will consist in the intuitive apprehension of God by our intelligence: the beatific vision.

But in our present conditions of earthly life, our knowledge must of necessity make use of concepts and reasoning. All our knowledge has its starting-point in the intuitive data of sense experience, but in order to penetrate the nature of these data, their laws and causes, we must have recourse to abstraction and discursive reasoning. It is also through those processes and through them alone that we can arrive at the notion of immaterial beings and of God himself St.

Our mind has the intuition of primary principles intellectus but their application, in order to give us a scientific and philosophical knowledge of things, is subject to the laws of abstraction and successive reasoning ratio, discursus , cf. I , II-II, ad 2um. Such a necessity is, as it were, a normal defect of human intelligence; it is the natural limit which determines the place of the human mind in the scale of intellectual beings.

Concepts and reasoning therefore are in themselves inferior to intuition; but they are the normal processes of human knowledge. About this page APA citation. Sauvage, G. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. MLA citation. Sauvage, George. New York: Robert Appleton Company, This article was transcribed for New Advent by Tomas Hancil. Ecclesiastical approbation.

Nihil Obstat. October 1, Remy Lafort, S. Nothing does exist of that nature, other wise it would not be physical and hence not knowable by human or machine senses. Non-Sequitur chap, sorry. You have zero evidence for a god and even less reason to make huge leaps in inference, as you do. Morality and such matters are easy enough to live by, due to the practical demands of life.

Will our children have faith? John Westerhoff’s question after 40 years

Dear Nick, thank you for your splendid answer. I see where you are coming from. It would be great to debate this face to face but I doubt if anything would be solved.

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Of course none of my questions were answered. All I can do is to hope we will meet in Heaven where we will have a jolly good laugh over our mugs of nectar. I am confident that you will feel sufficiently conscious to enjoy that. Kind response Quentin, that is what is most important. The difference between most on my side and me, is that I have no point to make on if heaven or God exists. So it is a slim chance that I could end up in heaven or hell and be one of maybe 20 former embodied creatures, who know that consciousness is not a thing.

Yes it appears to be a mountain when assessed through limited senses and perspectives, but on closer inspection, after a perspective change, the mountain is merely suggested or implied in 3d, by a 2d arrangement of pigments. Break down what it is you take as obvious evidence that you exist. I feel, I remember, I remember how I felt about perceiving myself perceiving. Every single response in an example used by you to show to yourself that you are conscious, is just a cognitive output, every one.

Everything is physical, nothing can be known without being physical, otherwise it could not interact with the senses. God is said to to be known, hence he must interact with our senses. If God is said to exist, via our senses, then he must be physical.

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If he is physical he is constrained and created by causal antecedents. Hence, God, even if he did exist, would be as much an illusion to himself, as we are. This reasoning puts the idea of God, to bed, forever. Quantum does nothing to shake causal necessity, our current understanding is the thing which limits the workings of our postulated system. Our bodies are rigidly determined.. On what do you base this statement. If consciousness is an illusion, then who is being deluded?

And if free will is an illusion, then you believe your argument above because your brain chemsitry compels you to beieve it, not because it is true. It would be like trying to tell the time by consulting a broken clock — it MIGHT just hapen to be right, but what are the chances?

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Quentin, first cause is false, rather obviously, as everything physical is reducible, in an infinite matrix of cause-effect relationships. I do not claim that I know that God esists. I do claim to believe that God exists. There is a difference between the two. Others appear to believe that the physical world is uncaused. Good for them: as long as they continue to love their neighbours, a fundamental requirement in Christianity, they will happily one day find out.

Let me ask you some silly questions: do you know everything that exists in the universe? Do you believe that your physical senses are capable of detecting all things that exist? Do you believe there are only three dimensions? Are you not aware of the fact that the majority of the universe is made up of invisible matter and energy?

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Your arrogance is astounding. Also, assuming your ad hominem attack was justified and i was arrogant, it is a logical fallacy to then conclude that my arrogance in any way effects the validity of my argument. The comment about the self-deluded is just one indication of the problems monotheists face — and of the self-delusion and limited philosophical imagination of the atheists. For example, suppose that, like breathing. Suppose further that those whose IQ was in the range were just foolishly wise enough to suppose they could get along without breathing normal air and just successful enough to buy scuba tanks.

Then an analysis of breathers of natural versus tanked air would show that the artificial breathers were smarter than those content to breathe the air. It would show ONLY that at a certain level of intelligence and intellectual training one can make choices that the less educated and less intelligent would not make. In other words, perhaps, intellectual incapacity and ineptitude protect some from errors that those who have drunk only lightly from the Pierian spring would think of making.

The stunning ignorance of philosophy of the atheist on the street or the popular TV atheist is reflected in this study. If you get into the data, for example, you find that while theism declines in the lower ranges of higher than average intelligence, it picks up when you pass around IQ. Harold, you used an example of doing an apparently irrational thing.

We have no indication if the tank breathers had any evidential reason to choose the option that they did.

Ockham (Occam), William of | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Do you see what the problem is with your example? It lacks even the most basic similarity to our debate. Atheism originates from a rational, reasoned and fully evidence based foundation. Your example does not, hence it is of little intellectual use. I get what you were trying to say, but probably not the best way to say it. Maybe one day when study methods are more advanced, we can have a reliable and valid means of measuring intelligence.

Until then, I trust my experience, which tells me that people of low self awareness and lacking in critical thought, are more likely to have a void which needs filling. Religion is today offensive and completely unacceptable to the majority of the world. Is that acceptable to you?

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Buddhism and even within the faith Baptist vs. Or is this a PC thing to not risk non-PC results? This article is straight out of the Third Reich. Luckily our Creator left us a Book that warns us of this time coming upon the world. I am not worried; I read the Book and, good news, we win! Hitler was a Catholic who believed that Jews should be punished for their part in the crucifixion of Emmanuel bin David aka Jesus read Mein Kampf.

It has lots of empirical evidence, unlike the book of mythological fairytale bespattered Chinese whisper on paper I think you are referring to, nicely rewritten by Thomas Jefferson of US president fame. The Jefferson Bible is available from Amazon. Please provide the quote from Mein Kampf that you are referring to. I think you just made that up. Hitler had longed ceased practicing Catholicism, or any type of organized religion, long before he wrote Mien Kampf.

Yes, Hitler was brought up as at least a nominal Catholic, but he had long abandoned it. Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. Of course, the latter made no secret of his attitude toward the Jewish people, and when necessary he even took to the whip to drive from the temple of the Lord this adversary of all humanity, who then as always saw in religion nothing but an instrument for his business existence.