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I'm looking for national and international representation and shows. Do you have a list of agents or artist reps?

Making it as an Artist in the Algarve

Can you represent my art? A: Artists send out tons of these random requests to galleries and other art business professionals like myself, messages in bottles tossed onto the sea, believing that someone somewhere will ultimately respond-- perhaps the Good Fairy, perhaps the White Knight, perhaps me-- and rescue them, and whoosh them away to fame, fortune and scrillions of dollars. I suppose this is possible, but don't count on it. While you're waiting for lightning to strike, let's see what does and doesn't work when it comes to geting your art out there into the world where it can be seen, appreciated and hopefully sold.

For starters, emailing people you don't know and asking them to do a bunch of stuff for you for free does not help.

Not only is there nothing in it for them and they probably don't have the time, but even if they did, they've never met you. They have no idea who you are, what you're like, what you're capable of producing, how easy you are to work with, how you handle deadlines, what your reputation is, and on and on and on. Regardless of what they think of your art, they're not about to jeopardize their existing business relationships by referring you to complete strangers or risk potentially unpleasant exchanges by volunteering their opinions of your work.

You have no idea who they are either. What if they're not qualified to critique your art? What if they know nothing about your local art scene? What if they sell sculptures and you paint? What if they have a reputation for not paying artists after they sell their art? You might as well throw darts at a dartboard blindfolded and hope you hit the bull's eye.

The Making of an Artist: Learning to Draw | Exhibition | Royal Academy of Arts

The belief that you can randomly hawk your art, without qualification or recommendation, to galleries, consultants or representatives all over the face of the earth until someone falls in love with it to the point where they take on all of your business affairs and give you the freedom to create happily away in the studio is a complete unadulterated fantasy. If you had any idea how much art is out there, how much of it is good, and how much more of it there is than all the dealers in the universe could ever hope to sell in a hundred lifetimes, you'd agree that learning how to effectively present and hopefully sell your art is way more important than appearing out of the clear blue and simply asking people to look at it over and over and over again, hoping for some kind of miracle.

As for the galleries and agents you're asking, they only show art they think they can sell. If they don't think they can sell it, they don't show it because if they can't sell it, they go out of business. They're not in business to figure out how to sell your art. You have to figure that out yourself, and once you do, convince them that if they take you on, the two of you can sell more art and generate more profits than either of you can generate on your own.

But even that's tough because dealers already have mechanisms in place for finding art and artists they can represent and sell. So a selling art is really hard and b making a living as an artist is even harder and c if you're going to make a living as an artist, you have to convince people to take interest in your art hopefully to the point of buying it at least as well as you can make it. I often wonder how so many artists know so little about how the art business works and what they have to do to sell art, and I often seem to end up at the same place-- art school and arts education in general.

But keep reading whether or not you went to art school. Every last bit of this has to do with your survival as an artist.

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The main reason you go to art school is to learn to make quality art that's good enough to sell, or at least that's why you think you're going, right? The schools might identify or define themselves with loftier lingo, but show me an art student who doesn't expect to make a living as an artist once they graduate with a degree and I'll show you a five-eared elephant.

You believe that with a quality art education, you can make a living as an artist, like med students believe about med school and law students believe about law school.

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We all know how much money doctors and attorneys make, but we're less clear on how much money artists make, not to mention what they have to do in order to make it. So art schools don't talk about the survival aspects of being an artist, they offer precious little instruction in how to make enough money to survive and worst of all, they appear to discourage their graduates from venturing outside academically oriented realms to learn the practical kinds of survival techniques that work in the real world. You can also put your artwork on a t-shirt, coffee mug, or many other varieties of merchandise.

There are a variety of websites that make it very easy to do this. Learn more about making money designing t-shirts. Looking for more ways to sell your art online and possibly make money selling other stuff too? Check out this post! You might be wondering if there are ways to sell art online and make money without using one of the sites mentioned above.

Having a platform to sell your art is recommended, but there are also other ways you can bring in the cash. My daughter sells art directly to her followers on Instagram. She posts pictures of already completed digital art and people message her when they want to buy. Groups are still popular on Facebook, and as an artist, you can create a community of art lovers that you can get your newest creations in front of any time. Again, a payment processor is all you need here. You can also sell on the Facebook Marketplace which is usually local sales.

How to Make a Living as an Artist (ColorByFeliks)

You can meet up in person and accept cash or checks if you choose. Lastly, if you already have a Facebook Business Page, setting up a shop that allows you to sell directly on Facebook is a breeze. Artists can make money from their art on Patreon through a subscription-based model. Fans pay for exclusive experiences and behind-the-scenes content. There are a variety of ways you can earn on this platform.

Making it as an Artist

I would recommend visiting their site and looking at the examples of how people are earning money with Patreon. I hope this post has given you some fresh new ideas about how to sell your art online and make money that can help you transition from hobby artist to business owner. You can resell canvas art from artsaleonline. It all just feels so darn hopeless. Besides social media, how are you marketing your business? Have you thought about asking local businesses to display your artwork in their establishments? I have a friend that does this and her business is doing very well.

Also, email marketing is a wonderful way to market your business. Hello, I just want to thank you for this great website and as an artist, I really would like to promote my creation online. I am in paper art, making my own paper with plants, and I want to sell my last collection of clutches and mini-bags on an international level as living in Switzerland, I want to be known abroad for what I do.

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Thank you so much for those wonderful and important ideas that I am going to use. I sure do not want to consolidate the old adage: an artist is always broke! I sure there is a way and I will find it!