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To my amazement, the books on the subject were so few that I could carry them home under one arm.

Very little research had been done on affective disorders and very little of value was being done for the patients. The general public knew nothing about mental illness and cared less. That is, until the epidemic of drug use began sending the children of suburbia into hospitals, inevitably blurring the distinction between those deemed mentally ill and those considered to be normal people with problems.

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Today, it is a different world. An antidepressant is the subject of a best seller. The pharmaceutical industry is spending fortunes on the development of new antidepressants, as well as on advertisements for these products on television, in national magazines, and in local newspapers. Every month brings reports of new studies of depression, and to a lesser extent, manic-depression.

Manic depression and creativity, Kay Jamison

Articles about the symptoms of depression and the neurological processes underlying it appear not only in scientific periodicals but in popular magazines. Primary care physicians are prescribing drugs to ease depression and anxiety that were considered the exclusive domain of psychiatrists a decade ago.

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  4. And the emotionally distressed can cut the medical profession completely out of the loop if they care to. On a creativity test measuring …. Existing subscribers, please log in with your email address to link your account access. Inclusive of applicable taxes VAT.

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    Opinion: Suicide doesn't set you free. It is a common illness and it usually first hits at a young age.

    Feeling, thinking, and creativity in bipolar disorder: Terence Ketter at TEDxConstitutionDrive

    Fortunately, treatment works and allows people to continue their creative work. I have had bipolar illness since I was 17 years old.

    Creativity and mental health

    It is a difficult illness and it nearly cost me my life, as it does tens of thousands of people every year. There is nothing romantic about psychosis, depression or suicide. The death of Robin Williams, who was admired and loved by so many, makes this clear.

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