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It was not the side from which he was being urgently addressed by another messenger, who had finally worked his way to a place beside the makeshift throne.

Something had distracted Simon. Murtach was still talking in one royal ear, and the other messenger had started his speech for the third time when Simon suddenly stood. The courtiers fell back swiftly, like hunting hounds when the bear turns at bay. Must I? He swallowed. It seemed to take a long time. That preposterous song! I was terrified. Banished the winter?


You might as well say I make the sun rise every day! His anger was like a swift storm—the thunder had boomed, now all that was left was cold rain. Or better yet, when we return to the Hayholt, ask old Sangfugol what really happened. And he was the one who taught it to me. The minstrel looked quite forlorn as he pushed his way toward the door of the pavilion. Tiamak caught at his sleeve as he went by. The youth looked at the little Wrannaman oddly, but everyone in the court knew Tiamak and how close he was to the king and queen.

The harper blinked his eyes, doing his best to compose himself. Simon was already driving the rest of the courtiers from the pavilion. Leave me be now, all of you. Ebooks

I cannot do everything, and certainly not in one day! Give me peace! Tiamak waited until the wave of humanity had swept past him and out of the tent, then he waited a bit longer until the king finished pacing and dropped back onto his chair. Simon looked up at his councilor and his face sagged with unhappiness and useless anger. The king seldom lost his temper with those who served him, and was much loved for it. Generally Simon remembered very well indeed what it felt like to be ignored or blamed by those with power.

But sometimes, especially when he was in the grip of such heartache as he was today, he fell into foul moods. Tiamak, of course, knew that the moods seldom lasted long and were followed quickly by regret. You are.

My Elf Girlfriend: Sex Talk

And that monarch is nearly always me. The king opened his mouth, then shook his head. Where is Miriamele? Her ladies are with her. She likes company more than you do on days like this. Tiamak cleared his throat. But will you take my advice? Rest yourself for a while. Let your unhappiness cool. Simon the hero, all of that. I did not seem such a hero when my son. It is not his fault that lies become history so quickly.

Perhaps I should tell him that I was unfair, and I am sorry. Tiamak hid his smile. A king who apologized! No wonder he was tied to his two monarchs with bonds stronger than iron. Tunath and St. You said he was nearby?

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Escaping through a transdimensional Tube, Horn finds himself on the planet Eron, a world consumed by the Eron Company. There he encounters a corrupt aristocracy, a brewing power struggle over the succession, a covert revolution, and the mystery of who actually knows the secret of the Tubes. Born in a colony world in , Lawrence Newton hankered after the golden era of starships exploring the galaxy. But the age of human starflight was drawing to a close, so this hot-heated teenager ran away from home in search of adventure Twenty years later, he's the sergeant of a washed-out platoon taking part in the bungled invasion of another world.

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The giant corporations call such campaigns 'asset realization', but in practice it's simple piracy. While he's on the ground, being shot at and firebombed by local resistance forces, Lawrence hears stories about the Temple of the Fallen Dragon -- and a sect devoted to the worship of a mythical creature that fell to the ground millennia ago.

More importantly, its priests are said to guard a hoard of treasure large enough to buy lifelong happiness -- which information prompts him to mount a private-enterprise operation of his own. Altar the thief, a man of mystery and secret master of a gaudily decadent world Harness's shattering masterpiece. John Truck was to outward appearances just another lowlife spaceship captain. But he was also the last of the Centaurans - or at least, half of him was - which meant that he was the only person who could operate the Centauri Device, a sentient bomb which might hold the key to settling a vicious space war.

John Harrison's classic novel turns the conventions of space opera on their head, and is written with the precision and brilliance for which is famed. The planet had fallen off the map. No-one here gets out alive. When his spaceship crashes on an unknown and forgotten planet, scientist Karl Altman discovers himself hunted by an ancient race.

The descendants of a Viking race have reverted to a savage culture of sacrifice, pillage and violence. When Karl falls in love with an outcast girl, he has only one goal: escape. But escape is a distant dream on this nightmare planet. When two male and two female supremely sensual, unspeakably cerebral humans find themselves under attack from aliens who want their awesome quantum breakthrough, they take to the skies—and zoom into the cosmos on a rocket roller coaster ride of adventure and danger, ecstasy and peril.

Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war for control of the Legion has been waged, with no clear resolution. As worlds continue to die, a desperate plan is put into motion. Zan wakes with no memory, prisoner of a people who say they are her family.

She is told she is their salvation - the only person capable of boarding the Mokshi, a world-ship with the power to leave the Legion. But Zan's new family is not the only one desperate to gain control of the prized ship. Zan finds that she must choose sides in a genocidal campaign that will take her from the edges of the Legion's gravity well to the very belly of the world. Zan will soon learn that she carries the seeds of the Legion's destruction - and its possible salvation.

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But can she and her ragtag band of followers survive the horrors of the Legion and its people long enough to deliver it?